Boolean missing faces

So I have a building I’m doing a boolean on but it’s missing faces and I don’t know why. I did a merge distance on the model, I checked the normals were where they were suposed to be but nothing worked. Do you know how to fix this?

Not a very good image for seeing whatever you’re talking about.

I don’t know why you’re concerned about normals when you say you’re having problems with a boolean.

What is the exact problem?

Sorry for the confusion I mean most of the faces on the mesh that the boolean has been added to are missing after the boolean cut. The Boolean hasen’t been applied yet. hopfully you understand better now.

It’s still hard to see anything in that image because you just have those bright green lines on a plain background with no sense of depth or shadow to help us see what’s there.

When you put a boolean on an object but don’t apply it, it will still change the mesh to what it will look like when it is applied.

Here this may be better and here is the over all view of the Building

The usual reason why there are missing faces using Boolean are one of these problems:

  • One or both of the objects involved is not a watertight enclosed volume.

  • The intersection of the two objects hits one of the special cases of: coplanar faces, overlapping or exact intersection of edges or edges/faces.

  • Inconsistent normals.

It is hard to diagnose your problem from just pictures, but I would bet it is one of the problems I just listed.