boolean mod. completely destroys mesh

everytime i try to apply a boolean mdifier, it basically erases my verticies on the other half of the object i apply it on PLEASE HELP


It sounds like you have an unapplied mirror modifier.

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no, its not mirrored, i was thinking there were to many polys but i dont know

Not sure exactly what your problem is here, but as a general rule, I would avoid the boolean functions, as they lead to very messy meshes, especially if you use them several times on the same object. It is far easier and cleaner to model the parts separately and just join the meshes. The only time there is a point in actually merging all the surfaces together is if you want to bevel the edges between the parts, and even then you can usually join and then manually stitch the parts together. The general modelling principle with Blender, as with many CG programs, is to start with a simple object and increase detail all over. The theoretical advantage of booleans is that you can model a part to completion, and then merge it with another part. However, if the mesh density does not match, you will end up with lots of artifacts on the end product.

For example, in your case, I would have started with the barrel, as a tube, and then expanded the outer into a rectangle, and then extruded back to the handle. To add extra mesh density is as simple as going back to the original tube and subdividing. Extrusion is your friend, as it allows you to pull any face out of a mesh and turn it into a more complex item. Taking an object and punching a hole through it is likely to end up with loads of triangles.


thanks dude, thats answers a LOT! but then brought up some unanswered questions, if boolean modifiers arent the way, how do people get those fine text engraved in the gun, or a random shape in a, for instance, a gun shape?

Usually details like that are added with bump/normal maps.

thanks dude, i know how bump/normal maps work but is there a way to some how apply the map so it physically effects the mesh?

Yep, just use a displacement map instead.

EDIT: You’ll have to put a lot of geometry in the area in question to make it look decen though,

thanks guys a lot you helped with the whole situation and then some :slight_smile:

wait hold on, are height maps for the displacement mod. or is it normal maps

Bump or height maps (grayscale) can be used to displace. Normal maps (multicolored) can be used for normal mapping, but not displacing.

or, if you want a highly detailed model, you could consider doing it this way

thanks dude :slight_smile: