Boolean modificator work very long


I’ve tryied to make many holes in the cylinder by using difference of boolean modificator but the process doesn’t finish. I’ve waited for a long time (about 30 min) and its still continued. When I use single cylinder there are no problems. What’s the matter?

P.S. Before this I’ve used solidfy modificator for first cylinder and array modificator for another to create many cylinders and applied it.

Thank for answers!

Reduce the density of the meshes and try not to do too many cuts at once, keep it simple. Also don’t expect results that won’t need a lot of cleanup.

So you think the promblen in resolution? But all cylinder have only 60 verticles resolution. Is it too much for boolean? And do you know another method to make the same result without boolean? I’ve tried to make manually by using loop tools - circle but don’t like it.

try the pipe script and add some t pipe ect…
then join together

should give a cleaner mesh !

happy 2.6

Like this?
It seems to me the boolean is easy but thanks I’ll try the script. It looks very good.

I recreated you scene and found the problem
the problem is the solidify modifier
remove the solidify modifier then apply the Boolean

i can see several t pipe portion on this flute i guess
so just copy and joint then delete doubles

no need to remove the T part on the pipe i think !

then at then end you can extrude or move the end circle !

should give a nice clean mesh !

have fun

No the problem is in resolution or in my computer. I’ve made it at all step by step, one by one, very, very, very long time :slight_smile: And result is:

you have quit a high res model here like 32 or 64 segments for the main body!

i mean ths will createa lot of verts

but this si small so it should not be slow !

can you upload the file so we can check it !

happy 2.6