Boolean modifier behaves oddly

I’d like to create a wooden board with a text carved in. So I created a quite basic setup with a cube scaled to a board (scale applied). After that I created a Text, gave it some extrusion and converted it into a mesh. Then I gave my board a boolean modifier, set the “Operation” to “Difference” and set the text as the “Object”.
So far, so good.

Since I’d like to create pictures of the wooden board with different texts I created several text objects the same way, and when I switch the “Object” of the boolean modifier and hide all the other text objects the carved in text changes.

But… in some texts some letters are missing (e.g. I only see “Ex m le” carved in, instead of the whole text “Example”). In other texts some letters stand out of the wooden board instead of being carved in (e.g. all of the letters of the text “Example” are carved in, only the “x” and the “m” stand out).

I tried every way I can think of.

I moved the text a little bit, but then only the “odd” letters changed
I remeshed the text object to get a better topology, no change.

Do you have any advice what’s going on here and how I can fix it? Or is there any other way to carve text out of a solid object in Blender?

In the attached example I try to carve out the word “Text” but I only see “Tex”. The object “Text.bak” is the text before I converted in to a mesh.

Example.blend (622.3 KB)

Merge vertices and scale the font a bit up or down, then the boolean works.
Remesh the “t” should also work.

Subdivide your cube once, bring its Subsurf modifier back to 2 Subdivisions, it seems to work fine, probably a problem of edges overlapping between the cube and the text

Both suggestions kind of worked. At first I just turned down the subdivision modifier from 3 to 2, that fixed one text, but in another text it just let another letter disappear. Then I scaled the texts just a tiny bit (1.001) in x direction, which fixed all the other texts.
Don’t understand what’s happening here, but thank you for your help anyway.

As I said, probably some edges or vertices overlapping