Boolean Modifier doesn-t work in Cycles

Hello everybody:

I’d like to achive an effect for a videogame ?'m doing the graphics. I new to make a sword gradually appears from an planar effect like a portal or similar. After reading different posts I read this and is exactly what I need. The problem is boolean modifier doesn’t work in Cycles and I need to do this in Cycles, because I need to animate a character in Blender with the effect and gave it to the developers. If I have to use Cycles and Blender Internal and composite, well, this doesn’t works for me because I have to make a LOT of effects and composite them and this will be a complex task.

And if I have to composite everything, I know at the end I will prefer Blender to animate and Cinema 4D for the sword effects because Mograph module is an amazing tool. I could use Animation Nodes for the sword effects, but there is no tutorials and info around and I’m in a hurry.

Someone can help me?


I just change the modifier to another object and now works as I expected.

Thanks for reading

it should work in cycles.

The mesh in question could be not subdivided enough.
Or it could be more than one mesh in one object.

These things usually conflict with a clean boolean

What the hell is this supposed to mean? That’s in fact everything you give us regarding the issue you’re encountering: “it doesn’t work”. Do you seriously expect us to be able to help you based on no information at all?

Post a .blend, this should not happen.