Boolean Modifier Giving Different Results! (SOLVED)

EDIT: i found the solution, read the third message:)

Hi, i made 4 rodes and i have a cube. I am adding boolean modifier to cube and setting “operation” to difference then i am selecting my rodes from “object” section (4 in one as group) then i am sliding my cube to the rodes and pressing apply.

Here is my results;

try 1 - 3 holes
try 2 - 4 holes but some holes have not out hole. (i mean just one way hole)
try 3 - 2 holes…

try X and final result; I can’t make 4 holes…



alternative link;


untitled.blend (750 KB)

Point 1 - Please post support questions in the appropriate support forum. Moved from Blender Discussion to Support / Modelling

Point 2 - For ALL support questions you MUST supply a demo blend file that clearly demonstrates the problem. Without that you are deliberately making it 10x more difficult for anyone being able to help you. Trying the reconstruct your whole scene and settings from a couple of screenshots is not ideal !

Thank you i am posting my blend file right now. And sorry for wrong section i searched the main page but i thought here is the best place to share it. Sorry again:) thx

Update; I found the solution. Set the Bmesh - to “calver”.

Also make sure you apply all transformations to all your objects before applying Boolean operations (Apply Object transformations):