Boolean modifier on curve objects

I usually use curve objects for walls, however boolean modifier doesn’t apply to curve objects (for various openings). I enabled the CV flag for the boolean modifier and recompiled and it seems to work fine for simple cases. I would think this would work as long as modifiers and object types are mesh at the end of the chain? Is it just a case of not enough developer time to test all the use cases and flag/branch them as needed?

Its the most flexible way to make walls with windows that I can think of right now, since the solidify doesn’t work with edges without faces.

Basically the question is: Has anyone tried to enable boolean modifier on curve objects and what were the show stopper if so.

Small demo:

Wow, that is amazing - why is this not activated in the regular version? This is the one thing I very much miss in the curve object workflow. Some of the most useful modifiers are not available for curve objects, and I love working with curve-based models: very efficient and flexible for certain types of modeling.

The bevel modifier also does not work with curve objects. Ridiculous - it would be tremendously useful. Solidify works like a charm, and if we would have access to both the boolean and bevel modifiers curve based modeling… brilliant.

Aside from that, I would love to be able to use custom profiles for the bevel modifier. The new C4d v16 bevel modifier demonstrates how it is done, and I hope someone in the developer community will find some time to extend the current bevel modifier’s functionality with similar features. The current modifier (and other bevel functionality in Blender) is rather limited without custom profiles.

Now imagine the possibilities with curve-based modeling in Blender with activated boolean modifiers, solidify, and activated bevel modifier(s) with custom user profiles. And every parameter animated.

THAT is exactly what I am talking about! Very cool.

I miss this as well. Same with particles, I’d like to be able to Boolean them without converting them into a mesh.

I’ve actually enabled bevel modifier on curves as well, and it works most of the time. The main problem seems to be related to vertex normals or unmerged vertices as produced by the curve mesher. For my purposes I will try to convert ‘remove doubles’ op to a modifier when I get some free time. That may solve the issues.

Note, all this is pretty hacky and also you can’t input curves as operands to the boolean modifier as it only accepts mesh objects as is. Also the parameters for input fields aren’t omnivalent AFAIK so boolean modifier (or any other for that matter) would need a separate field to input meshes and additional one for curves. This is a real design mistake in my opinion, but could be rectified with a few small changes, that I may do on my custom build.