Boolean Modifier Troubles

I’ve already used the search option and found that the two most common solutions to the problem seen below is either the “EdgeSplit” Modifier and/or recalculating the norms. I’ve done both and still cannot seem to get the Boolean Modifier to work. :no:

I’ve posted a snapshot below, the result on the left and the setup on the right. You can see the final result is clipping a random part of the mesh. Basically I was trying to cut a “cartoonish” smile into a character, as I have no other idea of a way to accomplish the same effect. Is the Boolean Modifier just not up to its full capability? Am I simply missing something?

Thanks for any help in advance.



Booleans are pretty bad in blender especially if you don’t use simple shapes. Instead of using a sledgehammer approach to your modelling using booleans, think about the shape you want. You may need a polygon in the shape you want to cut out. remove the original polys around that shape and rebuild the polys back by hand.