boolean modifier

Hi, the little project I’ve set myself is to bisect a cone on up to 5 planes and use the cut profiles to demonstrate a circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola and their origins from conic sections. I’ve tried to “slice” using the boolean modifier but things disappear or don’t simply split and separate as two objects - the ideal. I wish to somehow animate the work from: cone - to each of the geometries or curves mentioned but I can’t find a good way, or any way even, to acheive the goal of phase 1 - to create the 4 basic 3d shapes from the cone by virtually “knifing down or along” through the 3d cone and showing two separate resultant cone pieces as well as the object used in the boolean procedure (which will be discarded).

Any clear advices you guys may offer will be greatly appreciated. The joy of Blender inculcates impatience!! We want it to instantly translate the artistic idea but the language and procedures must come first!! My excuse is that this Geometry Project is probably the most fundamental curvatures of orbits of the universe and so should be laid out soonest. I won’t get into what’s to follow as it scares me right now lol. (potential complexity!)

See the attached blend. Move the cube object to change the cutout from the cone. There are duplicate cones so when you apply the modifiers you get both halves


bool.blend (87.9 KB)

Please let us know if you succed, i really find your project valuable as an animated geometry illustration.