Boolean multiple objects

I’m using blender sapling addon, it seems to be great, but after creating the curve and converting it to mesh, each branch has separate geometry inside the mesh and I want to join all of it to do some sculpting later. The problem is, that after splitting the mesh by loose parts, I cant make boolean union for all the branches at once. I’ve also tried to remesh it, but it becomes really blocky, and even if I can fix that by smoothing it, many small parts (like small branches) are lost or messed up after remeshing. So, I’m looking either for a way to make a boolean operation with multiple objects at once, or for a way to make a single closed geometry mesh from multiple parts.

Hi coriolis,

maybe you could try the new space tree addon. And there are some older versions for free. With that addon you can switch between curve based branches and the skin modifier. Skin modifier gives you a single connected mesh. Maybe it helps a bit…