Boolean > Ngon > Knife on window walls. Is this bad practice?

So I’ve made an Archimesh room, and trying to boolean out a window.
I have a feeling I’m doing this the wrong way? :wink:

I boolean, and then use the knife to cut ngons into quads, but the faces are kinda crazy (see pic).
Prior to that, I tried to insert an edge loop on the wall, but couldn’t get it to snap to where the window would cut.

Any tips appreciated (see pics).

not sure to understand what’s your problem and what you’re trying to do, but for something so simple, why don’t you model it without boolean?

4 loop cuts vertically and 2 horizontally would be much cleaner, no?

Or at least knifing from the bottom-right of the left window to the bottom-left of the right window, just like the top-right to top-left of your windows. I’m not understanding why you cut that strange-ass quad under the left window.

I personally would isolate the room, make a knife cut trhough the middle with ‘kzc’, then get rid of the other edges to give a cleaner mesh. GTomorrow has the nice quad solution though, again, just using knife, i’d use the ‘z’ option to cut through hte front and rear facing polys at the same time.

Hey all, thanks for the advice.

@gtomorrow that’s exactly what I want, but I don’t know how to get it done.
When I select the loop / edge cut, I can’t snap it to the edge of the window to tell it where to cut. I was searching the documentation for a ‘snap to geo’ type thing but couldn’t find anything easily. The wall and window are two separate objects now.

See attached pictures, I insert an edge loop and try and move it towards the edge of my window geo, but can’t get it to snap.

I’ve also attached a test wall / window / blender file. Thanks for your screenshots earlier!

@colkai wha’t the ‘kzc’ command? I just googled it with Blender but didn’t come up.

The catch, everyone, is that the wall is just one big polygon, and I’m trying to get the window into the mix. I think maybe it’s just a matter of snapping edge loops? I can’t use the knife to snap to the window unless I boolean.

WindowWallCut.blend (491.9 KB)

‘k’ is knife, pressing z directly after it before cutting means it will cut through the mesh, so back facing polys are also cut, adding a c means the cut is constrained to angles of 90/45.

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#protip! thanks :smile:

When you create a wall, subdivide it like twice or as many times as needed (edge - subdivide). That way you don’t need to waste time using boolean operations or knife.

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Hey @Krice
If I subdivide, and then add in the window, how else would I ‘merge’ the two geometries without boolean operation? I understand if I was building the window from scratch, but what if the window geo is already there?

You tend to select the two faces that make up the “inner & outer” of the window and do a “bridge edge loops”. I duplicate one face first, so I can use that to create the pane.

EDIT: Example…

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Thank you for the advice and video @colkai I appreciate it.

No worries :slight_smile: