Boolean not rendering

I’m trying to cut out some windows in this tower I’m modeling. I booled two cubes against a cylinder. But one of them isn’t rendering and I don’t know why. They work in the viewport, but not when rendering. Check out the stills:

I don’t know what to do!

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you


Welcome :tada:

to show your problem properly it would help to set the cutout object to display just as wireframe and also select the boolean modifier with all it’s option in the screenshot… (assumming you used the boolean modifier because you have correctly disabled the object Untel , Intel (?) in the outliner… ? ). Also zoom in abit more into the objects(s) f interest…

The rounded window at the bottom my be a hint… it seems strechted so the square on above is moving upwards… ?? Maybe check the scales… :thinking: … But i never saw any setup where this is handled differently in viewport and render…

Thank you so much! I actually got it to work just be deleting the weird objects that didn’t show up, or were stretched, and duplicating the shapes/windows that already worked.

this was helpful though! Really appreciate it