Boolean not working

(Yukari) #1

I am trying to create a tire, and I created a circle around the tire so that I can create the imprinted pattern. However, when I do this, the smaller object I want to disappear stays visible…

(helluvamesh) #2

Boolean operations fail if

  • verts, edges, faces overlap perfectly
  • the relevant parts of the meshes are not closed

(Yukari) #3

Hmm… I don’t think I did those… maybe I messed up something else?

(helluvamesh) #4

Just play with the object scale.

(JA12) #5

Unapplied and non-uniform object scale, ctrl+A -> scale to apply. That prevents problems in the future but not with this.

From left:

  • original
  • boolean with carve solver
  • boolean with bmesh solver, overlap threshold 10 times smaller (added 0)

Corresponding boolean modifiers top down.

There’s close geometry and the solver gets confused, so one of the two above can help. Note that the modifier doesn’t hide the original cutter object automatically.

(Yukari) #6

Thank you! It finally works! :slight_smile: