Boolean On Many Objects

I was wondering how (and I know this is probably a noob question) to perform a boolean operation on many objects.

Id’ like to merge all those pictured icospheres into one object and also one mesh. How could this be accomplished? Thanks for the input.

See how this works - select all but one. Join with ctrl J. Give it a Boolean union and in the modifier choose the remaining one. Apply if you want one mesh. Delete the extra afterward.

I tried that. I had to just have my joined object intersect with a default cube, because I got some weird bug when I joined all but one icosphere. So when I tried to apply a boolean union between the icosphere object and the cube, I got the following error: “Modifiers cannot be applied to multi-user data.” :confused:

Because they share mesh data with some other object… Ctrl-J would have fixed that, and then the remaining object could have its data separated by clicking the ‘2’ in th mesh properties. It worked for me so you just need to pay attention to the objects - Are you separating the mesh data for one object from the others by clicking the ‘<some number>’ in the top of the mesh properties, or select all and choose make single user/object and data/all from object menu? are you selecting all of them but that one? Are you doing ctrl J (join)?

Booleans sometimes freak out where theres an object with many loose parts.

Best way to do it is the following

  1. put boolean object on a different layer, and all the objects you want modified on a separate layer
  2. hide the boolean layer and show the object layer
  3. setup boolean modifier on one of the objects
  4. press a then a (select all), then ctrl - l, then modifiers

This will copy the modifiers from the active object over all the selected objects.

If the object data is linked, you wont be able to apply the modifier, if you want to apply it, select all the objects, press u - object & data to make all the objects single user

That worked, thanks! I’m assuming that when I apply them all, I just remove doubles. One more question: What’s the best way to apply all those modifiers?

Select objects and Alt+C > Mesh from curve.