boolean operation 2.46 RC4

ii’m having some difficulties with the boolean opeation

did anybody experience the same thing and have found a way around iT

i’m trying with 2 closed objects and there is always some pieces missing?


boolean operations are very weak in Blender. I’m having same problems working with Boolean. Booleans are very memory hungry and unstable. No way using them with dence meshes.

Blender developers need help to make boolean ops more usable. Check They’re seeking for a programmer that might help.

i used it before RC4 and it was working relatively well
but now it’s a reel mess even the boolen modifier is probably worst then the W boolean operator in this RC4 i got the feeling that threre is another bug with this thing

i’v never seen it that bad
at what url did you see the bolean work to correcct the boolean operator


check Booleans library

If you have problems with existing features, register and post detailed description here

Blender developers are always in need of testers’ help

I try to post bugs there too. Some of the bugs I posted, have beed fixed (and very promptly, BTW)