Boolean Operations Error

Hi everyone,
I’m having trouble getting a Boolean Operation to work between a modified circle and a modified plane. I’ve attached the file I was working on.
Boolean Error.blend (503 KB)
Btw sorry if this was a duplicate post.

Both are non-manifold, have inconsistent normals, and because snow object doesn’t have thickness there will be leftovers from the cutting object. Recalculate normals for both objects, extrude thickness to snow object, or use knife project tool instead of boolean.

Thank you very much for the help, however I’m still having problems with the Booleans. I’m trying to cut the object “TO BE CUT” and when it is cut by “REMOVE THIS” it creates an new object with a hole in one side. Is this just the limits of blender, and I have to go back and create the faces every time?
Boolean Error 2.blend (1.35 MB)
I’ve recalculate the normals like you suggested.
Again Thanks for the help!

Select the TO BE CUT object, tab into edit mode. Select everything, press W and Remove Doubles.
Press Ctrl-N to recalculate normals.

Now the boolean should work properly.

Thank you very much you guys are the best!