Boolean Operations in 2.4---Bad

Is anyone else having trouble with boolean operations in 2.4? Every time I try to perform this task it binds up my CPU 100% and does absolutely nothing else. Did I just get a bad download? Everything else seems to be working just great…especially the particle system. BTW I downloaded the .py script Fligh suggested but have not tried it out yet.

No, you’re not alone:

But the majority have had no problems. Try deleting your B.blend file then reopen Blender.


Thanks Fligh. It works great on simple meshes now, but it’s still the same on complex meshes, totally locks up. I was trying to inset letters into a tombstone, but they look far better raised (that’s cuz I have zero lighting skills at this point). I’ll try the script if I need this function again 'cuz in 2.37 the intersect boolean ultimately provided the effect that the difference boolean was supposed to give me.

I tried to inset a text-mesh in a cube, and Blender crashed. It was solved by Removing Doubles (W-key-> Remove Doubles) from the text mesh before the boolean operation.

Thanks SoftWork, That did the trick.

Did some more testing. Booleans seem to crash when an object has a ''floating face", a face that doesn’t make a closed mesh. Like, when you extrude an edge from a cube, or when you select a face from a cube an press Shft-D to duplicate.

Is already in te Bugtacker:

Ouch! Deleting the B.Blend file really did a number on my static particles… made them into the blurry mess of cotton that you get with 3.7 so I had to undelete it. Thanks again guys for helping me work around this problem.

Where else should I let others know about the price you’ll pay for deleting the B.Blend file?

BTW, is anyone else as impressed as I am with the improvements to the 3.4 particle system?

Most of us have not seen it yet since we are still using the 2.40 release.