boolean operations


I’m doing a castle tut.
After creating the towers en the walls you need to create a door. In the tut they work with mesh moddeling for that. But it is also possible with a boolean operation.
So i tried both ways and it worked: I created a door (a very nice one :wink: ).

Can someone give me a few examples for what you can use boolean operations? When possible for the three options (intersect, union and difference). My 3D imagination isn’t quite what it has to be.



I read it
but it is theory
I was hoping for a real example …
I’m experementing and trying to use my imagination


Wachamean theory. It’s got pictures, read it like a comic.


I think he means that he wan’t practical examples… like cutting a doorway/window into a wall, or cutting a circular void into a rectangular ashtray, or making puzzle pieces, or… well, you get the point.

Of course, you don’t need booleans to do any of that, but I can definitely see where it may make life easier on folks.

thats what I meaned



Booleans are the devils work, and they WILL bite you in the ass. It’s the same in all 3d apps. Avoid them if you can. Your mesh may look ok, but you’ll have flipped normals, ngons, doubled faces and god knows what going on. If you have to use them, make sure you check through your mesh afterward.

I remember whenI used Cinema4D (Before the ghost of Christmas Past appreared and said “Hey! Did you pay for that”, and I switched to Blender) Booleans were procedural.

For instance, you could set up a boolean relationship in which a cylinder was subtracted from a cube, then animated the cylinder moving THROUGH the cube.

The resulting animation is a hole being drilled in a cube!

Man it’d be cool if Blender could do that (Without having to resort to AVKs I mean!)