boolean operator

anybody has seem a better script to do boolean
because theinternal boolean is doing a bad job - not filling all the faces and crating lots of verticies not being used !
or may be an independant booelan program doing a good job!
hope blender comes up with a better tool soon!


You are probably not getting any better tools, sorry to say, but i seldomly use boolean, and you should always expect problems with that method…
I dont think other programs have any better boolean tools?

But if you insist using it, make sure that your target face(s) has the same amount of vertices as the boolean face(s), that should clean it up a bit.

Hey Ricky, take a look at the following thread. It is old, but people still seem to be using it:

I agree with Guiseppe, other packages produce poor meshes from boolean operations as well.

Booleans are a shortcut to modeling and should be used sparingly. Try to model what you need first.

A lot of people fuss over “messy meshes”, kind of like those guitar players who change their strings all the time. Unless the mesh is absoultely causing some kind of problem why not just live with it?

One of the great things I use booleans for is multi-material modeling. Apply a different material to each operator and the result mesh will have both materials.

yap i think i got the latest version which seems to be R16 …

so i’m gone test that and see what happen

hope this becomes the standard if it is better then the one in blender!


seems to be working much better than blender boolean one!
but still some of the faces are not filled up !

see pic