Boolean operator?

I have one object with many unconnected meshes inside. I want to do a boolean union of all the unlinked geometry. Is there a way to do this?

With such a short post with little detail, all I can give is a short undetailed answer, Boolean modifier.

Maybe if you give more info such as a blend file so other people can see what you are talking about rather than using their imagination, you may get a more detailed answer

Sure here it is. But I did say one object. I’m fairly certain the modifier needs 2 objects to work. I’m looking for an edit mode operator that will work on all the geometry inside the active object. (Unless the boolean modifier can do that of course)

BooleanOperator.blend (588 KB)

Incase, it wasnt clear enough, I want to do a boolean union of all the cubes inside the object.

So I thought I’d give the fluid sim a try. It kinda works. Its not perfect, but since the the separate pieces are thought to be fluids, they join together how I want for the most part. There are a few artifacts, and I do lose all my sharp edges. Its not ideal, but it could be a work around if no one else knows how to achieve this.