Boolean or combining 2 objects that are not flat?


I have 1 object that is mostly flat and the other is a half sphere.

How can I connect or make a hole in the sphere with my object?

I have tried with the boolean but it didn’t curve the object as the sphere.

I hope that someone knows the answer and can help.

I have found this modifier “Shrinkwrap”.
It does wrap the object to the sphere but it makes my object flat.

Shrinkwrap an intermediary object (a plane with sufficient grid density) and use that to control a surface deform modifier applied to the object you want to conform to another surface.

I’m not sure what you have said here, but I have been able to Shrinkwrap the plane to my object (Should I keep above surface?).
(I have “solidify” to my object if this matters…)

Didn’t find a “surface deform modifier”.
Is there a video for doing all of this?
I don’t know what word to look for…

Add a cylinder to represent the negative space of your hole, duplicate the sphere, delete the faces where the cylinder intersects it, and use surface snapping ( retopo ) to fill the space.

I dont think i understand.

If you want a hole in the sphere with the shape of the other object, just select the sphere, add a boolean modificator, difference and select the other object in the dropdown list. Then, apply.

What problem do you have?

As long as you didnt subdivide your objects, everything should be straight forward.

I need to make the other object as one with the sphere, but to have a bit of space between them. so I could print the sphere and the object and
After I will print them I intend to separate them and reattach then like a puzzle.
The object is thin so I’ve added a solidify.
The sphere has a subsurf modifier so it will be smoother.
I don’t know how to begin… When to add modifiers and/or when to apply them :stuck_out_tongue:

You cant make booleans on subdivided objects. It will never work. But if the sphere is not for gaming or animation, you could just subdivide the sphere a lot (lets say level 4 or even 5), and THEN, make the boolean again over the subdivided sphere (you need to apply that subdivision modifier before, of course). But keeping in mind, you also need to make the cylinder with A LOT of faces to get a good result.

AND, you CANT apply a smooth shading on the finish object. Thats the reason you need to subdivide it A LOT to make it look nice without applying smooth shading.

Thats the method i use when im not worried about polycount and i need a boolean yes or yes.

I think I have found what I was looking for.

A video that explains how to do it step by step…
I first tried to search for something like this “fit 3ds”.
Then I found this.

Now tried to search for blender and found 2 videos that do it.
First one, and the second one.

I think the second one is the simplest and better way?
Anyways, after I will try doing it ,then I’ll try to boolean it to the sphere for holes in the same shape.


I don’t know why in the videos they delete the polygons, instead of making the holes with boolean.

The shrinkwrap modifier will add vertex points from object A to object B on object B’s surface, so you can then use those surface points to create the hole without disturbing the original curve on object B. Booleans will cut the hole more easily, but it doesn’t care about where the vertexes go, so it tends to mess up nice curves.