Boolean Problem

I am facing some problems with Boolean

Please check this attached image - the upper portion is booleaned but the bottom is having some problem.

This is hardly visible: do you want this long cylinders added or subtracted to the door…? You even may want to cut the cylinders in half and add/subtract these by modelling.

No I am trying to cut grooves on that wall- I extruded a single vertex and given thickness, then I converted to mesh and booleaned. the top portion has come perfect but below the rectangle, the cut looks different.

Subtracted, then.

but it’s subtracting only the top portion.

One possibility i can imagine is: if the bottom are two crossing cylinders then the subtract boolean operation gets confused ?? Maybe try to do it it 2 or 3 steps ?

untitled.blend (1.0 MB)
Here i am sending the file, please let me know how to boolean this

Solver Options Self gives you …:

Solver Options, i could not find. Sorry, I am new to Blender. if you don’t mind please send that blender file

Oh you also seems to be on 2.93 (blend file) look here:

Thanks for your help