Boolean problems

Hey everyone, just got a quick question on modelling.

Some time ago, I created a simple column shape by latheing (spin) a bezier curve. It worked just fine.

Now I would like to add the little indenations around the main vertical part of the column (as per roman style). I figured I’d just use a section of a cylinder, cut out the piece I wanted, and spindup it so that I could apply it as a boolean.

However, when the cylinder sections are applied to the main column body, the results are incosistant. In some areas, the indentations work perfectly. In others, they leave holes in the mesh. In yet others they are irregularly shaped.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Nope it’s not you, it’s just the booleans. They are a bit unpredictable when you use them for something complicated like that.
<edit> you could make a complete section of your column, and spin dup that maybe?

If that’s the truth, then your luck with booleans is better than mine ever has been. I never seem to get useable results.

Like Modron said, it’s not you, it’s the booleans.

Booleans are fairly predictable.

The problem is that they work the way you expect only on closed surfaces with consistent normal. If surfaces are opened and normals inconsistent… well…

And they work very predictably also for very complex objects, they consistently and uniformly say “An error has occurred, sorry” :slight_smile: