boolean subtraction

I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am trying to subtract a long thin cylinder from a shorter fat one:

so that I end up with a fat pipe like structure, hollow in the middle.

how do i do this please?

any help much appreciated,

I dont think you need to use boolean to make what you are after, just add a circle, scale it to your required outside diameter. press e to etrude followed be s and scale to inside dia size.Select all by pressing a and then press e to extrude up to desired length.

I’m sorry, but I can’t get a circle to extrude at all.

I found the tube meshtype, but doesn’t immediately help, as I can’'t extrude that outwards, to give it ‘thickness’ without extruding individual faces.


Goto Top view (Num7), Add >> Mesh >> Circle, choose how many edges and stay in Edit mode with all verts selected. Hit E and choose 'Edges Only" and hit Enter. Hit S and scale smaller. You should now have faces. Goto Front view (Num1) and hit A twice so all verts are selected, hit E and extrude downwards (or up) for the length of the tube. Tab into Object mode and move it to where you want it.


i see - thankyou both :slight_smile: