boolean tool ?

where can i find the boolean tool

tought this was with the W key in object mode
but seems it has change may be!


Last version with boolean tool was 2.49b

may be i should stop using 2.49 and stay in 2.6!LOL

i tought i use this in 2.6 but you might be right

i use the boolean modifier in 2.6 and it works ok !


Nothing wrong with using 2.49 but confusion will strike

i know there are a few new little things being added in 2.65 that adds more flexibility but
i don’t know yet how to remove the windows 2.49 installed
this gives me the blender icon on files

and SVN are not installed and dont’ have any icon for files!

unless i installed the officiel 2.6 version then it might work!
but i still have like 1000 old files in 2.49
so i still use it to open by default old 2.49 files

mind you i do use 2.6 more and more with all the new features
i mean it’s way more powerfull then 2.49
and hope to be 100 % soon and forget 2.49!LOL