Boolean Tools Problem

Hi all I am having trouble with the boolean tools. What is happening is when I press “W” for the boolean menu and then click on either; “Intersect”, “Union” or “Difference” blender crashes and I have to join the objects by hand and that takes forever.

If this is an issue with scripts then could someone tell me what to do?

Thanks, Kaelis Ra.

Simple answer: don’t use booleans.

One of the things I always tell everyone because of bad experiences. Booleans are not a tool for modeling with meshes, but for NURBS, where you get mathematically precise results. For simple meshes and few vertices it might work with a bit of manual clean up, but for everything else…
What do you want to achieve? For many things there are manual techniques to do the same (granted, they take more time).
As for the crash I can’t really help you, maybe someone else can.

Thanks Myke for telling me about the nurbs thing. I have done manually what the boolean tools would have done but it did take me a considerable amount of time longer(about an hour longer). If you can suggest a simpler way of doing what the boolean tools would manually I would love to hear it because it is driving me crazy to have to keep manually finding the exact point to…

thanks again, Kaelis.

can you post some pics to show what you are doing?

Yeah, steeve is right, it would help to see what you want to do. Sadly there’s not a general manual method to do what the boolean operator is supposed to do, but rather there are many ways to model something without it, depending on the situation. But you’re right, for very complex models it probably is a pain to do…

What??? Nurbs? You can’t add a boolean modifier to
NURBS! And w doesn’t do anything!

As ShnitzelKiller has already mentioned, the Boolean modifier cannot be applied to a NURBS object. Perhaps you could explain what you meant.

Of course. Again, it’s a simple answer:
Blender sucks at NURBS modeling, period. Don’t use it. (I’m a bit harsh again, it is not THAT dramatic >=] )

The NURBS modeling tools get a complete overhaul at the moment (see thread here on blenderartists) and currently it is not possible to use the Boolean Operations (= MESH operations, not NURBS operations in Blender…yet) on curves in Blender. The workflow is completely different so…take a look at the manual to see what Blender is capable of at the moment. (And then look at programmes like Rhinoceros, which concentrates on curves modeling.)
Actually I didn’t mean to tell you to use nurbs to model your stuff but rather try differrent polygon modeling techniques. What I wanted to point out is that you would get much better results using curves, since boolean operations require mathematically precise surface descriptions to work really well. Mesh modeling is just an even cruder approximation of surfaces than curves, so these operations usually give poor results. I did not make clear, that it was just a general statement, not really a suggestion to try it out now ^^;