Boolean topology

Hi. This is the first time I’ll be using the Boolean modifier in Blender. I’m using it to create holes in my mesh. The topology looks good at first but it does contain some 5 sided quads and triangles. I just wanted to know if in general it’s ok using an applied Boolean modifier for things like animation and games.

If there is going to be deformations in the object in question if the ngons “more than 4 verts to a face” then you may notice abnormal bending and such with ngon topology. That being said though if the ngons are in an area that doesn’t bend then you may be able to get away with it. UV mapping may become an issue during material/texture phase but again it depends on how large and how many ngons you are dealing with.

Boolean is a nice tool but sometimes creates more work in the end than it is worth vs. using correct topology to start with you will never have to deal with issues as such. I would suggest to see if you could clean up the area at least with quads, tris are not all that bad as most to game engine conversions end up in tris I wouldn’t see those being as problematic as the ngons.

Again this is just my opinion on it, I am sure there are plenty of veteran game creators out there that would have a more precise answer and as to the why’s and how’s and tips and tricks.

The answer is no. Avoid booleans at all cost if you are doing animation and game stuff.

Booleans might look fancy in those addon demonstration videos, however realize that most of that stuff is hard surface related, meaning that they are almost monolithic type structures. if not, they are planned ahead and they avoid deformations.

Thank you all for the feedback. I agree though that they may cause more trouble than needed. However, If it’s going to be something like part of a vehicle’s wheel (it definitely won’t deform but will turn) would booleans be ok?

As long as the topology is cleaned up and there isn’t any notice of wobble when it rotates. Again though it is really up to you as the artist to figure out if you can live with knowing that it was with boolean. But I digress, I am sure it will probably be fine in a situation like that and as long as the main detail portions are clean topology wise then I wouldn’t overly stress about it.

Another tip would be if you are planning on doing game stuff is to create clean universal “assets” to be able to quickly append/link to a new project and you wouldn’t have to worry about topology again, just adding the additional modification needed for the new version.

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