boolean troubles

Hello people!
does anyone know if there’s an update to fix the booleans unreliablity???
they’re a real pain… and they’r too important to be left as they are.
what happens to me is that in every session of work their intervention is absolutely random:
u have to try all the difrent combination to get the operation u need, sometimes u have to use “difference” to operate a union of 2 objects and to unify the next 2 objects the same modifier does not work as the first time.
my final goal is to have a clean .stl file and my models are composed by millions of faces, wich means that if i have to try every single diffrent type of boolean may take minimum 15 minutes just to have a preview of the result… i honestly cannot affroad to spend 2 hours on every single action…
if anyone knows something, PLEASE SPEAK!!!
tnx :smiley:

Usually you get unexpected booleans when you have inconsistent face normals. Recalculate the normals with Ctrl+N. Note that this can fail if you have double vertices or nonmanifold edges.

If you are trying to boolean multimillion face objects you should not use blender, use software which is most appropriate to your requirements.

just by doing Ctrl+N in edit mode?
i have no doubles vertices nor non manifold edges : they’ve been fixed already
i also tried exporting it in Rhino but there are too many errors while importing the obj files, plus i’m working on Mac and rhino mac version is still a work in progress …

it seems to be working now!!! great!
i’ll tell u if it does not in the end
many thanks

If object coordinates are not critical you might try rotating one of your objects by a small amount, say 0.01 degrees or so. This is often the only way I can get the boolean operations to work without crashing, and it seems to speed-up the process as well.