Boolean with shader displacement?

Hello I’ve made a displacement effect on the material of the cylinder (without a modifier, only with the Displacement node in the shader editor), but the Boolean modifier applied on the brown sphere detects only the slick undisplaced cylinder, while I would like to make it detect the displaced geometry (while keeping it procedural, not baking).
Is this possible?

I don’t think this is possible.
Blender does the boolean but the displacement is done by Cycles.
Blender sends the geometry to Cycles with the finished boolean and only then does Cycles displace the geometry.
This means that Blender does not know about the displacement and therefore can not use it for the bool operation.

Similarily it is not possible to apply a displacement made with Cycles nodes because Cycles has no way to “send it back” to Blender.
It is a feature I find very important but unfortunately we don’t have it.

You would have to do it with the displacement modifier but of course the displacment modifier only accepts the old type of textures which are… well… i guess some people like them.


Thanks, then I will manage with the Displacement node