I have been bangin’ my head aginst the wall for 30min.
For simplicty I have taken a Mesh plain, and a mesh cube.
I put the cube in the plain and hit W difference and it does it kinda.
See pic.
the cube created a box in the plain. Didn’t this function use to punch a complete hole on meshes?
If not how do i do that?
This is what i kinda want to do, but not with a font. I have a logo i want beams to shoot out of. I posted a thread months ago about how to do this in blender but everyone said it couldn’t be done.
I figured if i could punch a hole in the plain with the logo, put a light behind it turn on halo and so on and so on.
Any ideas?


Did you try giving the plane a thickness?

I have put 2 cubes one small and one larger. The small one positioned in the center of one of the faces of the lager one. Then removed the face of the lager cube opposite the small cube and it does the same thing. I hope i explained that right.

As far as I can judge it, you want to make something like this?

If so, and if you don’t really need it as a mesh, simply add a Bezier circle and a Text object. Make sure 3D is enabled in the Curve and Surface tab for both. Then convert the Text object to a Curve (alt+c) and join the curves.

Then uncheck 3D on the merged object. You can obviously make the circle a square or whatever you need, too…(I just extruded it after that to show the effect…that’s not necessary though).

If you need a mesh, though, I’d recommend to model it manually. Booleans just tend to be so messy…

My logo is made out of a bezier curve though…

Well, that’s good. You only need to join them then…

Or where’s the problem? Are you looking for something else?

If the the text is besier, then make a big circle or shape around the text and the area around the text will become solid and the text area clear.

I see. I think i got it!