Booleans usages

(PowerMacG4) #1

I was just going through an old Lightwave 5.6 book. In the castle building Tut, it use Booleans to make openings in the castles. Booleans seem to work find with Spheres and squares, but I can’t make openings in walls with it. Any trick to doing this? Are there any good how-tos on its usages? Is this feature well supported in Blender. I was using 2.23.
Thanks in advance.

(S68) #2

Booleans in 2.23 and earlyer version are a pain:

join meshes, Press Intersect, if it does not crash, recover meshes

Booleans in 2.25 do exist. select both objects, press WKEY, choose operation


(bob_dog) #3

For something as simple as a door or window in a wall, I would just model my way around it. Your final mesh will be much simpler as a result.

(PowerMacG4) #4

2.25 is a whole lot better. Just takes some time on a 195Mhz CPU, but it works. Crashed once but thats cool.