I have problems using boolean functions in blender. If I have cube and want to make hole in that cube:

a) it works ok if i use predefined shapes or geometric primitives (circle, plane & extrude them, or cylinder), I do get result that i want (hole in cube)

b) if I modify that shapes and do extrude, or if I grab&move some vertices from cylinder, and after that I try to make hole with that shape I dont get desired result (very strange results).

Are there limitations on booleans that I am not avare of or is it just my mistake?

Thank you

Stay away from boolians as much as possible, they make dirty meshes. besides, it’s much better to create the hole first, and extrude the cube from arround it.

Cube was just simple example to describe the problem. There are many examples when booleans are “easy way” to do it and when is very hard to model without it… Thank you for your response.

Blender Booleans still need a lot of work – they’re unreliable, and even when they do work, they tend to mess up other areas of your mesh. There’s a Boolean Python script floating around that works reasonably well, give that a go, and there was a CVS Boolean Blender version that had some improvements – see if you can find that. Finally, if you must use Booleans, try separating the faces of your mesh that are going to have holes cut in them first. Then cut the holes in the separated object and rejoin it. This will help you avoid the distortions you’d get in other areas of your object.

Good luck!