Booltool problem :I

[That’s my first post so i just want to say “Hello” to All of BA members! :slight_smile: ]

Currently i have problem with booltool addon. I don’t know what is happening… Yesterday i was testing that great tool and after modeling dozen of cavities in my wall. my computer hits “bad trip” - U know, extremely slows the processing. After my research of WTF was that i notice there my blend file icrease size from 15 Mb to over 500 Mb. Could anyone have idea wat’s wrong? I don’t have a clue… :I

No idea, but you can try this to see if it helps :

  • Load Blender with your default setting, if you have default cube, delete it.
  • Click on File -> Append
  • In the browser that display , select your 500mb blend
  • In the list of libraries that will appear, select “Object”
  • You will have all the different objects listed (including camera and lights too), select all the objects you want to append and once done click on “Append Libraries” in the (upper right of the browser)
  • Save what you have now as a new blend and check how much mb it is

I did everything by Your guidelines and nothing were change. Thats even worse - new file with separated object, in this moment has more than 600 mb! :confused: