Booltools: Material of sectional areas ?


How can I define the Material of the sectional areas (green in the following example) ?

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By adding the cutter material in the material stack.

Sorry, I cannot follow you.
How does Blender know which Material in the Materialstack is the “Cutter Material” ?
Or where is this “Cutter Material” ?

As the BoolTool leaves the object with the new faces selected, all you need to do is to add a new material to the stack, go into edit mode, and assign the new material to the already selected faces.
(I think it would be fairly easy to update booltools to automatically assign the materials from the ‘cutter’ object to the new faces… but for now we need to do it manually)
EDIT: actually it does that already, as I noticed in my next post.

What if he wants to make it in non-destructive way, aka non applying the modifier?

Actually, for the sake of a better answer:
If the active object has the materials from the boolean object in the stack, the result from either the booltools and the modifier will work correctly. :slight_smile:

The object has all materials added to the stack: its own, and materials from each cutter

Thanks, that was not so obvious :wink:
Is this documented somewhere?