BOOM: the test of my vision

(LohnS) #1

this is a test of a picture i got engraved in my head during an history lesson at school. I drew it up very quickly in stick form to make sure i remember it…

Also that stick figure guy will be some alien local standing out his front door (we won’t see his house) and there a big war going on. Those things that look like spirals coming down to earth are some alien weaponary, fireball typ thing that eplxodes on impact. Lotsa other stuff will be put in, such as warriors littered on the landscpae fighting it out, ships flying overhead, ships blowing up etc.

heh now after that pitiful diplay of drawing (i have the fully detialed one in my head =). Heres the first test, i was just trying to see how and if the explotions i wanted, the smoke trails i wanted, and the landscapes i wanted were possible.

soon i’ll start on the real scene, for now, whatta ya think? I know the lighting needs heavy work but this was only about 30 min of work =P.

(pofo) #2

BOOOM! hahaha!
It’s so much fun when things blow up.

Seriously, great explosion effect

  1. pofo

(bogbean) #3

That’s an excellent looking explosion.

Looks like something out of thunderbirds.

(LohnS) #4

thanx for the comments guys =D. I’ll keep you posted =)