• Boombot •


This is BoOMBOT
Hes a simple Boom Box robot character I came up with as a part in a t-shirt design and to also put into my portfolio for work.An explosion rips behind to his beat.I would love to do a simple animation with him dancing to some bass as the explosion rolls to the music.May be some work in the future for this character.

Tools: Blender and Inkscape

Thank you for viewing BoOMBOT :]
All C&C is welcome…


i like the way his arms come out of the side, he would look cool at some turntables.

Yeah, don’t change his stance and add turntables beneath each hand, except for the lower left one, you might either want to have a turntable on its side or flip his hand around.

Now this one has character.

What camotech said!.

Thanks for the feedback guys .You’re all right he needs some turntables :] I think I’ll come up with robotic turntables (maybe with hovering engines) and maybe throw in a hovering robotic mixer and some speakers :] I could already see them there just need to sketch them out then model & render.

Thanks again…