Boon & Pimento : Cartoon series made with blender

Great work, congrats.

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Very good. It’s really amazing.
Total production cost per episode. I am curious about the production period.

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This is a very well executed animation series. :metal:t2:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot for all your supportive comments !

@sungoori, I don’t have the exact specifics and I should ask the production if there are any sensitive informations here. It was inline with what one can expect from a standard TV-series production in France for the cost per minute. The only downside is that we had short episodes and not much of them, that impacted the project putting us on a tight schedule. I’ll ask if I can give more information.

I’m planning to do another breakdown video on some handy pipeline tools , how to handle specific shot layouts and a few other technical things.

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This is superb! I love it.

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These videos are excellent, even the breakdowns are entertaining! Congratulations to all of you.

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I’m really happy to see this got some more eyes! :slight_smile:

If you feel like posting more breakdowns I would definately still be very interested in them (don’t feel rushed though). The asset manager your team uses looks really powerful. I am still breaking down much of the stuff in the video’s you already posted. Just too many interesting things that peak my interest and too little time! :sweat_smile:

Inspired by the effects break down I searched around and found this: I was quite amazed at the versatility of voronoi with a few tricks and it gave me some hints how your team built the shaders. Definitely an area I’m going to explore more. Its not just that the effects look appealing but they are also “cheap” when it comes to rendering. It doesn’t get much better then realtime.

I also keep finding small details that, as a wannabee animator, I just geek out about. I noticed that the pupil of Pimento (the cat) is stretched in the direction it moves in in one shot. Its in the episode where the sewer explodes and the whole house becomes filled with water. Just as Pimento dives he looks down really quickly and I thought I saw the pupil smeared. And there it was when I frame by framed it. :laughing:

Keep making awesome stuff! :+1:


What an amazing thread and such great work. Always brilliant to see a Blender pipeline in full series production. I somehow missed this before.

Leaving a comment to help bump up it’s visibility. We need all the 2021 positivity we can get.

All the best.


Hey, thanks @3dioot and @Toka,
These comments really push me to show more stuff ! I’m planning on making a new breakdown about some tools made for the production and some layout/animation cheats , 2 things not really related but …

@3dioot , thanks a lot for the FX tutorial, it looks awesome and indeed it’s the same approach that we used. Not quite straightforward at first glance but once you get to it you can make a lot of different patterns and cool effects with the same basis. I use a lot the UVWarp modifier that let you rig and animate UVs . It’s a great tool for these NPR FX.
It’s really nice to know that you take such a close look at animation, it’s a great way to get better and generally worth the effort !

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Hey, here is another quick video about the project :

Nothing ultra fancy but anyway, I hope it will give ideas to some people !
@3dioot, I’m poking you in case you miss the post :slight_smile:


As always really interesting stuff! Thanks for tagging me even though its not really necessary because I’m (of course) subscribed to this thread. :+1:

I wondered why I saw wireframe artifacts on objects in the viewport before, never realized it was because you generated low poly versions for all the objects. It seems you guys spend a lot of time on getting an efficient pipeline. It looks like the team already had a lot of experience with this or did you create all these tools during production?

The layout “cheats” are fantastic to see. I had a hunch about some of them but had no idea they were this extreme! I love, love, love the basketball scene. For lack of a better term it feels very “anime”. Its super dramatic to see the basket rise into view over the horizon in the way it does. I practically burst out laughing when I saw the xmas tree. The final shot is sooo nice yet it looks utterly broken in the viewport. :sweat_smile: The car scene was also an eye opener. I knew there was trickery, just not what trickery exactly.

Again, super fun stuff and very insightful to see how its done. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


Hey cool ! Thanks a lot for the feedback !

Work on pipeline started ~6 years ago and it as been refined through different projects, so each new project can benefit from others. On this one the two main tools we added was the automatic low-poly generator and a light-manager that is similar to Gaffer Addon. And of course some little improvements over older tools.
If you’re interested you can look at Transformice cartoon series where the basis where already laid-out.
Then most of it has been remade, and in this VSE pipeline demo what you can see is more closer to what we have now.

And finally, thanks for your interest in these layout/anim cheats ! Indeed we liked a lot these “anime” style shots, it’s fun to try to match the storyboards and think less 3D.

Superbe taf !
merci moultement pour les vidéos making of, c’est vraiment cool ce résultat !
Les effets olive et tom et manga sont trop bien, les techniques comme les lattices pour faire couler l’eau dans la cuisine aussi, les textures sont bien, tout il est nickel…
Chapeau à vous et vivement d’autres projets comme ça !