Boosting Water Reflection/Refraction

Any tips on how to boost the power/visibility of light reflecting/refracting off of water, and/or otherwise make it appear more natural? I find it always seems very weak and just not at all convincing by default for me.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the reflections of objects and such - but rather the waves of light you see at the bottom of a pool, and on the walls around it~

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As Cycle is a path tracer, (calculating rays from the camera to the objects…in short terms). It’s not the best engine for caustics. you ll have to invest a lot of samples to reach that goal.
you’d better use LuxCore . it’s a bi-directional tracer that makes it better. and it’s integrated in your favorite software…and open source.


You should try LuxCore render engine, just enabling Light tracing and adding some disperion and you can get results like this: