boot finished ( formerly known as grey,grau and mono)

Heya, I finally finished the picture. (At least I hope so :P)
I had some big problems with ripples, so I didnt include them.
Thank you so much for all the nice commentary and critism. You have really
helped me to make this picture better :slight_smile:
So here is the final version:
if there’s a need for a bigger version, just ask. I can make versions up to 1280xsomething.

P.S.: thanks to basse for the mirror :slight_smile:

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This is my little raytracing test. You won’t believe it but this sucky image rendered 3:22:22 :o

Actually I think I captured the typical german mood and weather quite ok, though it is technically by far not perfect.

I hope you guys like it.
cya henrik

very nice image, but can we have a biggger one? this ones too small to see the details
and what does “sucky image rendered 3:22:22” mean? 3 hours 22 min?

The “feeling” is there… very nice… almost like a post card or poster layout…

I would possibly add a rippling effect to the water where the paddle goes in the water… looks too rigid, like ice right now…

The texturing and “mood” give it a two thumbs up… simple but very pleasing and relaxing to the eye… looking good…


I like it henrik. Well done.

Only thing that seems to look off is the water. It almost seems like mercury. Very reflective and lacks some depth. That’s allI can find though.


Have to disagree about the water. At that viewing angle, all you would get is reflection.

Very nice composition. Just enough business on the horizon to keep it interesting, but not so interesting that the grey mood is spoiled.

Where’s that elYsiun gallery?

OK. To an extent yes. But there would still be some colour and a feel of depth to the water at the angle. As can be seen by this image:

Similar angle, but not as metalic looking. That is what I meant by it. Change the colour to more of a bluey/greena nd you will have it.


I like it :slight_smile: The 3D aspect of the picture isn’t amazing, but the presentation is very nice.


sure that isn’t reflecting the sky? There are blue and grey patches in the sky. (sky and clouds)

(btw, any water I’ve seen near such a dock was brown)

my eyes keep darting from the boat to a point 1/3 from right side, halfway up.
It’s a beautiful picture, atmosphere is great.
The only thing I would comment on is the boat, it seem very high in the water,
is it sitting on the bottom? is it a weird design with a deep keel? that is why my
eyes keep returning to it, trying to figure it out… is this intentional?
holds the veiwer interest… this is good… even if it is an accident.

Art vs real, it is all to easy to get caughtup in seeking photo real and overlook the art aspect.

I really like this picture, the water to me looks frozen, which would fit in with the grey cold image, as for the boat, it looks a bit like a Coricle.

I also get a peacefull feeling from this picture, I would use a bgger version as wallpaper, well done.

(Skeletor, please change your avatar to a non flashing one, it is really becoming distracting :o


I like the mood of the picture. But why does the boat float so wide over the water. Shouldn’t it be a loot deeper in the water? Or is the sea really frozen. Then the boad should lay on its side?

btw: I thought about aliens when I saw the subject in the forum overview… :slight_smile:

omg, 10 replies that fast, thanks guyys!!! :o

i will post a bigger version later. phew… good that i rendered it 1900xsomething :wink:

@skeletor: yep, that means it rendered 3 hours and 22minutes, which is very long for me :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sysadm: I will try the rippling effect, but i am not sure if ican manage to do it, because I really suck with the water effect %|

@bgdm: well, all the color was killed while post-processing. This way the water is less realistic but the mood is better imho. Thanks for the research tho!

@harky: thanks to you too! Very pleasing to get such a comment from you. :slight_smile:

now about the boat:
I have NO idea, what those boats really look like and how deep they are in the water so I just modelled something and put it in there.

thanks to everyone,

water looks a bit strange, but I think it could also be because of the small size of ripples.

and I agree, boat is too high. it would add much to the mood (which is excellent already btw) if it would be really low, perhaps even slanted a bit… )

great piece. good composition!


thanks to you too!

so with all those constructive critism you willhave to wait a bit longer for the big version, because i’ll change some thing before rendering it that big again :smiley:

cya henrik

Classic - very well done.

Looks good but the boat seems to high in the water. Or maybe its just me.

okaay, i got an update for you people.
I kinda like the mono one more, but there were some people who liked grau more… So I just post both:

hope you guys like them and I wish you a happy new year!

cya henrik

Kaktuswasser, in my opinion the mono one look better. And the boat still is floating over the water instead of sinking into it… :slight_smile: But it looks great nevertheless.

yeah, a boat doesnt sink in no time! that needs patience :wink:
so here it is:

big versions come later.
have fun,

I like the mono one too but the grey one has merits too. It kind of looks like one of those black and white films where some object is in color for emphasis. Nice pictures.