booting to live CD

ok so i downloaded ubuntu live cd so that i could give it a try and then most likely install it however i cant seem to boot to the live cd it gets as far as loading ubuntu and then it tells me that it has to run in low graphics mode cus it cant find drivers so i hit ok and then it takes me back to a black screen with 3 lines of words on it(ill post a pic soon) and does nothing if anyone can help me with this it would be real nice cus im really wanting to try out ubuntu
incase it helps my graphics card is a geforce 8800gt

i think there are problems with ubuntu and the 8800 gt. try downloading the alternate (text based) install cd insted

well i dont want to install it yet i want to try it out first and then possibly install it

Welcome to the wonderful world of linux…

You have a very recent graphics card… it might be a while before you see it working by default in ubuntu. Che ck out the official Nvidia website and the linux drivers… look at the readme, and notes… your graphics card might not be supported yet.

Your best bet for help is the Ubuntu forums, or the ubuntu chatroom on freenode.

It looks like you have a nice system, that was built for high end real time graphics like games… why would you want to run linux on a nice system like that?

after you get linux installed… be sure to look up the kernel for SMP enabled systems, so you can get the most out of your processor… your dual core is like having 2 CPU’s and you need to have an SMP ready kernel.

i plan on dual booting so that when im doing anything accept gaming i can be in ubuntu and when i want to play games ill come to xp and on the nvidia website it looks like they added support for the 8800gt on linux now there are drivers for it

Buy a cheap 40 gig hard drive and use the alternate installer to install on that. Then you can see if you like it or not.

might want to give PC linux a whirl… they have a different auto config than Ubuntu. (it is mandriva)…plus it has the cool theme you wanted by default.(not to mention that it is fast as hell, and “just works”)

there is open SUSE as well, they have a nice auto detect too for your hardware.

another nice one for autodetecting, is “Mint Ubuntu”, if I am not mistaken yoiu can even install the propriatory 3D drivers in the live CD.

hmm i have looked into openSUSE but i havnt looked into PC linux i might give that one a try and to be honest i dont care if it has the windowsish theme to it

Does your mobo have an on-board video? You might want to give that a try first. Open up your bios and switch it.

I have a 8800GTS, and ubuntu loads just fine.

If you ever DO get it running, you’ll need to download a program called “envy.” It is absolute HELL getting the 8X series going on linux without it. All you do is click a few buttons and 3D acceleration is enabled… poof!

Good luck bro

no my mobo doesnt have an onboard video and what version of the 8800gts do you have cus there is the one from last year and the one from like 2 weeks ago and i tried Mint Ubuntu (properly called linux mint) and it gave me the same problem i try to configure my card and i hit ok and it takes me back to this screen and just sits there

sorry for the double post but i think i may have gotten somewhere is there any way that i can install it from here without deleating my windows xp