Bootlegger - Map Update

Cartel Largest Blender Game Ever!!
Ok, Me, Mooman and others have started in inventing the processes needed to make a game so huge it will take all of the free time we have in our sad lives. In case you missed our other threads we have come close to completing our Classics vs. Classics game. We have 6 levels now and are close to finishing programming and music/sounds. With the help of some testers we have worked out mostly all the bugs. After we are done we will focus on inventing the processes and programming needed to make this next game work.

How will we do this. Simple. We have broken down all aspects and levels of this game and we are going to turn them into minigames. From Racing levels to the actual AI involved in interacting with characters. We will work on the police AI to chase and cause damage with a small game I call bootlegger based in the 1020’s prohibition. It will be a simple point a to point b game with a nice small level and police chases. It will also have lots of interactive items you can smash and destroy. Next game will involve a street block with characters you can interact with. Nothing too fancy just a few characters who you can control and give items too. Once we have these things done we will focus on more games to practice the processes needed to finish THE CARTEL game.

Any models and textures would be helpful. 1920’s and post 1980 models would be appreciated.

We are dead serious about this and our first game is a good example of the speed and level we work at. Any help would be appreciated. I am not expecting for anyone to be here from start to finish. If you are great, if not its no big deal, we will still add your name to the credits and thank you for your help. We are prepared to do this all alone. I know this community and when help is asked it is usually given.

I will post THE CARTEL outline in another post so you can see the type of game we are talking about. I know alot of this will be hard to do, but its not impossible. We do have focus and all involded want to finish this game. Lets all show what blender can do by working together and knocking this thing out!


I removed THE CARTEL for now.

Bootlegger will have the same police chase features as Cartel so we can work out the bugs now before we move to a larger map for cartel.

Here is the link for our First game. I need to update this page. This level is pretty much finished with a new lava texture :wink:

couldnt you give quuick summmary

i aint reading all that

sounds dope…

do you need any music for your game… Cauz im a producer and im sure I can hook you up with some songs for your game… let me know PM me Please thanks.

fly04066814 wrote

couldnt you give quuick summmary

i aint reading all that

Just read the first paragraph…


I like the idea very much and if possible I like to help a bit, but I’am not very skilled :frowning: . Are there little modelling jobs I can do?


Yes any model small or large…will help…1920’s theme

I will make a list of things we need and max poly counts for each item ok.

Old street lamp - 200 max faces
fire hydrant - 100 max faces
telephone poles - 75 max faces
fences…wood type at least 5 diffrent types.
a barn
a country house
Old tractor 1920’s with proper accessories low poly!
5 diffrent out houses

just post the links here I will download them.

I’m getting warmer and warmer. A little question about what you mean with 1920’s, something like Mafia? I like that game, and played from the beginning to the end, but I have it anymore. :frowning:


This is the country side in the 1920’s. So farms, small town gas station/service station and old farm items. Lots of driving off road into the corn fields…to get away from the police-who will follow you. Also needing low poly people to walk around the city. Cows, chickens, horses, and other live things to add in for realism.

i will try to help in my free time :slight_smile:

fly04066814: Why in the hell would you even post if you didnt have anything to say?!

I would be very interested in playing a game like this. Kudos for actually finishing a project. Hardly any of the projects around here ever get finished, especialy those involving a group of blenderheads. :wink:


Not sure if my post was missed but just wondering if music has been selected yet for the game or has been composed…

I can help with this and Id love too… get back at me

I can help with the modelling.

Is there a central web site to coordinate the work? Just so we don’t have multiple people doing the same thing :wink:

Well as most probably know by now Im new to blender but I dont have school right now and no job so I will work on getting some models for you (sempler stuff like the out house). If I, for some reason, dont help good luck sounds like an awesome game.

Crazy… I can help with testing if needed?


Hi folks,

I did some modelwork, I started simple(sorry for them who wanted that too :slight_smile: ). No textures yet, I post it yust to ask if this are good models. I’ve no experience whit making game models (yet), so I ask to you:

Are these models good for a game?
If yes I’ll try to texture them, even with that i have no much experience but I’ll give it a trie.

oops, forgot the links:


You should do it in all black and white.

You guys rock…

Ok I have the base of the level sketched out and I will start on putting it all in 3d tomorrow. I had to attend a rock concert tonight so I was “off” Well it looks like you guys are coming thru with your part. Hope to have some early screens by middle of next week.

BTW we are getting webspace! I will be giving a few FTP accounts away for serious helpers and I will have a public/private ftp for you other guys!

Thanks again for helping WE CAN DO THIS!


Dude! WE ARE! its not b+w but an old picture feel…b+w+grey :smiley:

THa Duce: We could use some music…For sure! sound effects too. Engines,gunshots,bird, maybe some others I cant think of right now…

I’ll make a barn, fence and fire hydrant. Should be uploaded saturday or sunday.

a fence just needs to be a texure on a plane with transperency between the pailings - not very hard. :wink:

Its a good point that Wiggie says he will model something, so other guys are not doing the same job. sorry I didnt :expressionless:

I like the b+w+grey idea, the texture job is now a lot easier cause the most reference photo’s I used are b+w+grey.