Booyah! Background

The contest is for the background of the game Booyah! on

The admin of Joytube wanted a new background and I said I knew someone who could whip one up for him but unfortunately wasn’t up for it. So I knew that I could start a contest at elYsiun, as the quality is mostly very high.

The original background:


Entries must be finished before 1st of January 2006 in their timezone

all entries must be 500px in width and 350-400 pixels in height

the entry that the admin thinks is most suitable will be the new background

This contest is run by Alex_G

phew, thanks theeth! :wink:

Hi Alex_G, here is one entry.
Blendered and Gimped

hey looks great! do you want to put a sig in or anything?

Thanks Alex_G. About putting a sig on it, no sig to it.

fair enough, thanks!

here is mine:

heya 4go10soul

great entry, looks great