Bordeau Chateau

Hi Blender people,

Happy to share with you, recent renderings I have done re-opening and reworking on focusing on plants and lightning. With the help of all the addons available for Blender, i can now say « 3dsMax and Corona was my perfect combo for years, but i have got a new home now, so much friendly, easy and comfortable with a growing and awesome community » :wink:



This looks awesome, great work :clap: :clap: If I could give one advice, maybe just to balance the colors a bit to reduce overexposure in some spots and lighten some dark spots, but other than that, it is great!!

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Tks for the reply;)
Your comments and advices make sens, but that is how i like renderings: Contrast!!! Hard to define what is real or good, you probably prefer the render before i add contrast and bloom with kcycles, who knows;))
Tks again

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Big respect, if you like it this way, than it’s all good :smiley: Great job :+1:

wow… very nice … awesome work

Thank you!:wink:

Beautiful! I also like the high contrast- it’s more like the natural light in my part of the world.
Can I ask two things:
What lighting setup do you use?
Where do you get your plant models from?


I Use Physical Starlight and Atmosphere Addon, and Photographer for exposure and Kcycles for the Tone mapping and Bloom;)

Vegetation come from different packs:
Bagapie Assets, botaniq, and some i have made;)

Thanks for the reply man. Love your work.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you so much Bart;)

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