Border and edge loop select no longer selecting in 3D

Hi. I’m a newbie, following a tutorial I have somehow done something which has caused the border select and edge loop select tools to only select visible elements, leaving out the stuff on the Z axis. It was including the Z stuff before and I was not in X-ray mode.

There’s a toggle on the header for only select visible. Wireframe shading mode is often faster and clearer, as toggling select only visible makes the mesh semi-transparent.

No idea on edge loop select. It always selects edge loops, provided you’re selecting edge loops and not something else.

It will indeed only select what is visable, and i suggest you keep it this way as its a lot easier to not mess up. If you wish to select through the mesh, press Z to enter wireframe, make your selection, and press Z again to go out of it.

Best of luck!

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Hi JA12, thanks for the help. I am understanding more how border select works, it does say it on the tin doesn’t it? Oops. I have realised that I am trying to use loop select to select the edges of an object, oops again. Thanks again :smile:

Hi finalbarrage, thanks for the help. It is indeed a case of using the select what is visible toggle and understanding better how border select works. Guess I panicked a bit, thanks again :smile: