Border around node editor backdrop?

I accidentally hit some key or other, and now the image that is my node editor backdrop (It’s the output of a viewer node in this case) has a black and white border around it, and an X in the middle. I get that this is to allow me to easily manipulate the backdrop, but I’d prefer to have it as it was before, without extra UI elements on it, and just use the keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve tried googling this with no luck. Mostly because no matter what I do, google things that “background” is a reasonable substitute for “backdrop”, and “border” and “X” obviously don’t help much.

I’m sure it’s simple, but I’d love it if someone could clue me in.

Is the viewer node selected?
Try to click on another node and check if background image’s handles disappear.

Did that. The backdrop image changes as you would expect it to, but the handles remain.

Re-select the Composite Node…they will disappear and you can use the shortcuts.