Border Lines - BMesh Edition

Not a blender dev but an addon made by Matpi on Blenderlounge to show border Edges.

It will be great to have this feature in trunk !

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Great. Thank you! On maya used to it

Merci pitiwazou mais pourquoi matpi n’a pas fait de page içi de son add-on?
FĂ©licitation de loin Ă  Matpi bien Ă©videmment!

Very helpfull, thanks !

Je n’ai pas crée ce post, je l’avais mis dans blender developpement, c’est un modo qui l’a déplacé.

It wasn’t supposed to be here, but in a post in blender developpement.
It’s an addon in python, so on a dense mesh, it’s slow down the viewport.
I wanted to show to the blender dev’s that this is really usefull when modeling.

Just to know I couln’t enable the addon. I had to copy text from RAW and paste it to an empty text document.
Then changed extention to py.

Rightclick RAW-button > save linked content as…

Thanks for script. It would be nice to have ability change color of border.

You can do it in your theme :wink:

Hello everyone,


As pitiwazou said, he first wanted to show it to developers in a kind of “feature request” (as it would be much faster if hardcoded), but the thread has been moved. Anyways, I was - and still am - going to create a thread here on BA about all the addons I have coded. I just wanted to write some doc first, but it should arrive soon. :wink:

As for the colors - the addon picks the ones from the theme in an attempt to be coherent. Sadly the “special” ones from edit mode (sharp, seams, freestyle, crease, etc.) cannot be drawn, or at the cost of massive losses in speed (it basically needs to read all edges twice, one in “normal” edit mode, and the other in bmesh mode).

If there was much demand for it, I could consider modifying the addon to enable custom coloring.

Yes, or simply after clicking on “RAW”, save the page to your local drive rather than copying its content…

Please notice that the addon is currently in developement, so

  1. there could be some bugs remaining, if so, please give me/us feedback.
  2. versions often change (>3 commits this morning…), with improvements each time. Please try to stay up-to-date. I actually developed an addon simplifying checks for new versions and downloading, I will write a bit more about it when I start my own thread. :wink:
  3. if you have enhancement ideas (or anything else), it’s the right time!

Thanks to all testers & users!

Super useful!!
Here’s to hopes your effort is not in vein and someone on the dev end picks up the idea.

Thanks Lounge Crew :slight_smile:

Merci !!! C’est comme dans Maya

nice… Thanks!

Great addon ! Very usefull especially when you retopo and have a mirror modifier (with the edit cage button enabled) .

Nice Addon!

Great addon helps in nonmanifold view. I think a different color would help a lot

perfect :smiley:
i missed this soooo much from softimage :slight_smile:
thanks pitiwazou!

It’s Matpi, not me ^^

And yes it is really usefull, it will be great to have this in Blender prefs.

someone get this in trunk :smiley:

I think we have to ma a proposal.
I never did this.