border render + OSA : bug ??

Hi there :slight_smile:

Here it is : i’m making a python script that is able to cut a render into small parts by using render border option…

When OSA is disabled, all works fine and the output pic is ok.
When OSA is enabled, I got some artefacts : the border pixels are quite dark ! :confused:

I guess it’s due to OSA that samples out of the border limit (where pixels are completely dark). I dunno how to solve this !

Yeah I know I could calculate 1 pix more and cut then, but I’m not sure that if ‘1 pix’ will be available for all OSA samples (from 5 to 16). Can someone help me ? :smiley:

Better, you can post it at the bug tracker :wink:

Okay, it’s in the BugTracker… Hope it will be fixed ASAP to let me continue my project :D.

Thanx, bye bye.

Ok, Ton said “it will be fixed in the next release”, so that’s good news :slight_smile: