Border_Render Script

I wrote script thats help with render big images when you don’t have enough space on your memory. It’s based on border Rendering. Idea is simple, split camera view to couple separate images, every one is rendering separately. It can make separate blend files to render in different computers. I hope you enjoy it. (1.02 KB)

I like the simplicity of this interface, i wrote a slightly more complicated script that does similar but with a few more options. monster tile renderer (the project also includes an automatic stitcher, you could use if ExtraPixels = 0 and you follow an output name convention filename_ncol_nrow.ext)

Nice, is this addon Cycles ready?

After pres Render button script starts rendering images and saves them in location used in output with filename eg “somefing00.ext”, also blend file is saves with added ncolnrow to name.
It is working with Cycles.

hello, i’m interesting this butit is addons ready in blender 2.7x?

there is something result different that “classic” and border render?