Border Select Help

In the older versions of blender, when you used the B hotkey, it would allow you to select all the vertices behind the actual box. This was helpful for extruding a face sideways while being in the front view while doing character modeling. Does a new key do the same thing now? Help?

The B key in 2.58 is the same as the B key in blender 2.49
As with 2.49 you would need to deselect the ‘Limit selection to visible’ button on the 3d view header in edit mode (was called Occlude background geometry in 2.49) to select everything in the region selected.

But it doesn’t select all the points behind the foremost points.

In this video, the kid does what I’m trying to do with the B key at 1:09ish

The single B key function is exactly the same in both versions. It is the other function in my previous post that you need.

what your are looking for is the z button it toggles wireframe mode, letting you select all of the points in the window.

what you need is that button right there

Thanks, that worked. Obviously I’m a blender noob and I’m grateful for the help.