Border Select problems

Just started using blender and checked out some tutorials now i have finally ran into my first problem.

I have a basic mesh cube loop cut in middle and mirrored. When i try to go over the right border and hit B it wont select with left mouse button. sometimes it will select all but even then when i try to extrude error pops up about multires.

so i looked at hot key manual
Border Select. Draw a rectangle with the LeftMouse; all Objects within this area are selected, but not made active. Draw a rectangle with the RightMouse to deselect Objects.

i see no rectangle when press left mouse and drag over. is this a bug? I’m using windows 7 64 bit. Also i notice when menus pop up they don’t render correctly they black out areas on exit.

just looking to do some low poly modeling.

never mind i downloaded 2.5 beta and it is much better looking and everything works. now all it needs is a hotkey tool bar on the left. :slight_smile:

maybe i will write one.